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Welcome to, a networking website created to further the artistic and therapeutic work of Liane Collot d’Herbois.

Our goal is to help develop awareness of this extraordinary and innovative work and to provide information on opportunities for practice and further study. We will present educational articles related to the study of Light, Darkness and Color, as well as Painting Therapy, and are open to contributions from others. Our outreach efforts include the goal of working toward the creation of a school for the study of Light, Darkness and Color and Painting Therapy in the US and to foster connections to the medical and therapeutic communities.


New Foundation Courses in
 Light, Darkness and Color

according to the work of Liane Collot d’Herbois,
based on anthroposophical insights

  • Charcoal exercises and watercolor paintingof the interaction of Light, Darkness and Color based on cosmic laws.
  • Presentations and studies of the activities of Light, Darkness and Color in connection with the human being.
  • Options of date and location for intensive 6-day courses.

These courses are suitable for mature adults with any level of art experience. The exercises help us to connect with our will, clarify our feelings, develop our perception and strengthen our thinking. The courses provide an excellent preparation for the study of therapeutic painting or can be followed independently as a path of self-development, leading to a deeper experience of spirit, soul and matter in us and the world around us.

Denver, Colorado
Feb. 16-21, 2009 – L, D & C & three-foldness of the human being
July 6-11, 2009 – L, D & C & four-foldness of the human being
Medical presentation: Adam Blanning, M.D.
Teacher: Marielle Levin, 303-698-0530

Fair Oaks, California
March 23-28, 2009 – L,D&C & three-foldness of the human being
Fall 2009 – L, D & C & four-foldness of the human being
Medical presentation: M. Kelly Sutton, M.D.
Teacher: Pamela Whitman, 530-477-7794

Spring Valley, New York
Information on possible courses here will be available soon.

Details on courses and registration information will be available on this website as soon as arrangements have been finalized. Please check back soon.

Veil Painting

Liane Collot d’Herbois

Liane Collot d’Herbois (1907-1999), born near Tintagel, Cornwall, England, of Scottish and French parentage, encountered the spiritual scientific work of Rudolf Steiner as a young professionally trained artist. She experienced Anthroposophy as the bridge between the spiritual world and practical life. She took up Steiner’s work on color, emphasizing light and darkness, and made it visible and workable…

Collot d’Herbois made extraordinary contributions toward the understanding of Light, Color and Darkness, showing their direct connection to the human being. Her therapeutic insights and transformative paintings have inspired doctors, therapists, artists, and those seeking a connection with spirit all over the world.

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